Amanda is a super knowledgeable and encouraging trainer. Training with her is both fun and educational as she ensures you always have perfect form and encourages you along the way. She makes the gym a lot less intimidating and gives you the confidence to maneuver the gym on your own! I always took forward to training sessions with Amanda.

- Nicole

I started following Amanda on Instagram in 2017 and found her posts very informative. Spring 2018 I decided to get personal training from her. This proved to be one of the best things i have ever done. Amanda’s no nonsense approach was exactly what i needed. She taught me the Safe and Proper way to do the exercises, help me manage my eating, and always helped push me to do my very best in each session. She also taught me that i never had to sacrifice to reach my goals, by taking a holistic approach to training and eating. I would recommend Amanda to anyone who is serious about changing their life!

- Robert