• Amanda Jones

What is Flexible Dieting?

Flexible Dieting is where you have a set about of protein, carbs and fats to hit for the day. You weigh out and track all of your meals on a app and your goal is to hit those set targets, generally with 0-3 grams of each.

Flexible dieting really shows you how much or how little you are eating. Most people are very surprised when they actually track and weigh everything out. People think they’re eating around 1400 calories and then at the end of day 1, quickly realize that they’ve actually been eating 3000 and now understand why they haven’t been losing weight.

In reality, Most people just don’t follow a meal plan. It’s freedom without going overboard. It’s moderation, not deprivation like a lot of people feel when they’re on a meal plan and eat the same things everyday. Thats not to say you can’t eat the same things, you totally can. But the option is THERE for you to fit something else in with the same macronutrients.

It doesn’t matter how “healthy” you eat - what matters is hitting those targets. Weighing things like sauces and dressings add up real quick too, which a lot of people don’t realize.

This approach I use allows you to be flexible in your food choices. You can essentially eat what you want, as long as it “fits” within your macronutrient goals. So if your goal was to hit 140g protein, 55g fat and 210g carbs, you would get as close as you can to those targets. It’s all a learning curve and I don’t ever expect anyone to get that close right off the bat. But it really gets you realizing how much you were either under or over eating before, portion sizes and how much either fat, protein or carbs is in the food you’re eating.

It’s not meant to be obsessive, it’s meant to be educational and balanced. So you eat mostly nutrient-dense whole foods, and then if you crave something that isn’t, you can make it fit. So for example, if you know you want oatmeal with chocolate chips every night before bed, you track that first, as your last meal, and make other foods fit around that.