• Amanda Jones

What's in my gym bag?

Whether you are new to the gym or a veteran, here are some key things to include in your gym bag:

1) Gym Bag. Spacious, comfortable straps and includes a removable lunch bag.

2) Weight Belt. For added support on your spine, specifically when doing heavy squats.

3) Wrist Wraps. For wrist support when lifting, especially for pressing movements and overhead lifts (upper body days).

4) Ankle Strap. I use this on my hamstring and glute focused leg day for cable kickbacks.

5) Resistance Bands. Perfect for warming up for leg day or burning out at the end of the workout. These come in difference resistance levels.

A few other things (not pictured) that I like to have in my bag are:

- socks

- deoderant

- hair elastic

- headphones